40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day 4

“This meditation gives a person the power to penetrate through the entire cosmos,” says Yogi Bhajan about the Isht Sodhana Mantra Kriya.

Now that sounds appealing!

What does it mean to penetrate through the entire cosmos? How can penetrating through the entire cosmos help me serve my destiny to continually renew myself and others with God’s light? Answers here are less important than asking questions in order to dwell in the spirit of curiosity and wonder.

So far, on day four, this evening meditation is giving me a heightened sense of infinity and silence. So far, I have only been practicing it for eleven minutes. But the eleven minutes really prepare me for that final inhale.

To end the meditation, you’re supposed to inhale deeply and radiate pure white, “as if you dissolved yourself into Infinity, and Infinity has merged into you.” The last moment of this meditation is such a blissful moment that it’s hard to allow it to pass without regretting the need to exhale. But here, too, a yogi learns detachment.  A moment later, this yogi is challenged to bring the bliss back into the chaos of daily life.  The children row next to me. The dog drops a tennis ball in my lap.

So, how does this yogi bring Infinity into human experience?

Zentangle!  (See image attached to this post.)

Before two weeks ago, I regarded myself as someone who had no artistic abilities. I could barely draw stupid-looking stick figures. Images I created always looked childish, no different from my five-year-old daughter’s artwork. But then a dear friend introduced me to Zentangle, a simple form of drawing that involves repeating patterns and lines so that eventually this repetition creates something that looks visually appealing.

Tangling is a lot like meditating, so it makes sense to me. I mentally vibrate mantra while drawing lines. The finished product is never so much envisioned as it simply emerges. It’s as if I am allowing the spirit of the drawing to come through me.

The other thing that tangling has taught me is that the slow, steady care with one line at a time is essential to creating the beautiful whole. Similarly, over time, with meditation, each breath, each repetition of a mantra eventually adds up; a soul blossoms into a deeply refined consciousness. This makes me wonder: it’s not the ultimate effects of the meditation that really matter anyway; it’s the accumulation of meditative moments that make a life align with all the divine beauty the universe offers.

I also like to think that when I chant while creating these Zentangles, the final images become a visual manifestation of the Sacred Sound Current, sound waves made visible.

No doubt practicing meditation has inspired me to create visual art that I never would have dreamed I could create. I am deeply grateful to my dear friend for casually mentioning that I would enjoy Zentangle.

I am ever grateful for the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and the awesome, quick transformations that they inspire. I hadn’t known I was capable of drawing anything. I surprised myself. Here is a perfect example of the relationship between my known and my unknown in which the unknown turned out to be a lovely gift.

So, if prayer is communication between the known and unknown parts of one’s consciousness, this particular lesson taught me that there is absolutely nothing to fear about the unknown. The unknown offers all surprises; and with a little awareness, these surprises can be shaped into great opportunities for creativity.

Today’s Prayer: May every creation in every moment reveal its gift so that we may all dwell in trust of the Infinite. May every being on this planet be liberated from fear of the unknown! May we embrace the unknown—come what may—with full and open hearts. May we embrace the unknown with fully awakened consciousness in order to transform tragedy into opportunity.  Yes!  We can do this!  Sat Nam!

Yogi Bhajan said, “Those who do the prayer and give their time in prayer; they are never preyed upon by evil and doubt.”


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