40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day 6

Okay.  So, the commitment to these two meditations is solid.

Now, it’s time to enter a relationship between my consciousness and these meditations.  Of the meditations that Yogi Bhajan taught that I have ever practiced, each has its own character, its own caliber, its own dimension, its own rub, its own depth of challenge, its own quality of working on the consciousness.  For instance, it took me more than 60 days to really appreciate “the meditation to break the mask.”  It took me 40 days to fall madly in love with “Sat Kriya.”  It took me 120 days to develop a lifelong friendship with the “Kriya for the Keep-Up Spirit.”  These kriyas and mediations are dear friends.  They have souls of their own.

The Isht Sodhana Kriya is purely beautiful, so quiet, so calming, so peaceful.  Though I practice with my dog and my children around me, the peace of the meditation seems to penetrate their activity.  I have a heightened sense of hearing.  I can hear the dog cleaning his paws, each lick of his tongue is distinct and seems to echo like water falling in a cave.

Besides the dog, while I meditate, my five-year-old daughter practices what she calls her “Cheer-Up Yoga” next to me.  She makes up little movements that she synchronizes with her breath.  Just like with the dog licking, I can sense my daughter’s breath as if it is amplified; breath enters leaves her body; breath travels through her lungs, whipping around each cell, like gusts of wind whipping around mountains.  This is a fascinating meditation that is giving me the gift of perceiving the essences of things, allowing me to be so eternally present in a moment that the tiniest details of the moment are grandiose; existence itself is pure bliss!

It’s easy to write about how much I am enjoying the evening meditation.  Now, what about the Meditation for Word Power?  How am I relating to this meditation?

First, because I am using the Tantric Har music to keep rhythm, this meditation inspires my mind to indulge in memories of practicing White Tantric Yoga at Guru Ram Das Puri in the the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.  (If you’ve never had that experience, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list of things you must do before you die).  So, I feel as though I am bringing a great force of consciousness and family support to this personal Sadhana.  The experiences of all those great souls whom I have mediated with continue to move me, support me, touch me with their incredible impact.  Infinite gratitude to all those who practice White Tantric Yoga now and forever!

Because this meditation is called, “Meditation for Word Power,” my mind is utterly attracted to the name of the meditation because I love to write.  Immediately, my mind attaches to the idea that word power has everything to do with writing a good poem or story or blog post.  So, the soul must step up to remind myself that the Word Power in this context has to do with prayer, with communicating with Infinity, with the way I communicate with my Unknown.  And the only way the soul’s voice remains clear to me, the only way I can continue to listen to my Soul’s voice is if my practice is strong.  So, the soul reminds me what the true goal is here.  I may be as awkward or as graceful a writer as ever; so sorry, dear Surjot, but this mediation may not help you much in your busy mind’s literary pursuits; instead, keep wondering: how am I doing in communicating with my Unknown?

Well, what’s Unknown?  Let me work with an Unknown as an example here.  I do not know when I am going to pass out of my body, out of this current existence.  I do not know when I am going to die.

So, how do I communicate with when I am going to die?

Let’s see.  Let me give when I am going to die a proper name.  Do I call her “Buying the Farm,”  “Kicking the Bucket,” “Meeting the Grim Reaper” “The Great Escape” “Reincarnation”?  No, none of these names will do for my death.  I shall call my death my masterpiece.  I shall call my death Lady Me Merging With Infinity.  I shall call my death.  I shall call.  Yes!  Call is the key word here; death is a calling.  Every morning, in Aquarian Sadhana, we practice Morning Call.  Similarly, my death shall be a calling out, a resonating vibration of peace, grace, tranquility, and compassion.

Yoga and meditation is preparation for conscious death.  This is not grim or morbid, but totally real and divine.

Today’s Prayer:  Dearest, Beloved Unknown, You are magnificent!  You are splendid!  You are mysterious and dark and infinite!  I appreciate your existence, dear, sweet Unknown, and feel an impulse to give you praise.  Oh Unknown!  Continue to play your quiet, unknowable song in the depths of my consciousness.  Hear me call you Beloved, and know, dearest Unknowable, that you are dear to me.

Sat Nam!


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