40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day 7

Yogi Bhajan taught that “Prayer is not a religious matter of psychological satisfaction. Prayer is a reality.  How you pray doesn’t matter if you touch its inner mechanism and reality.  Prayer is not completed with words.  Prayer is complete with intunement.”

To pray, one must tune in to inward mechanisms.

Recently, a friend asked me to pray for a community threated by wildfires.  I’d never been to the town he asked me to hold in my prayers.  I knew nobody personally, other than my friend who did not even live there now.  Nonetheless, I kept this community and their plight in my awareness.  In meditation, I tried to intune my whole being to my friend and this community.  I sensed anxiety, concern, and fear.  I welcomed all anxiety, concern, fear to rise within me.  I allowed the sensations that anxiety, concern, and fear bring to the body to be there inside my body, inside my tissues, inside my cells; however, I did not attach my identity to anxiety, concern, or fear.  I allowed it to be there without trying to fight it or avoid it.  But I fixed my intuitive identity on my prayer.

“Beloved Creator.  Help those who suffer; make them know deep peace that relieves all suffering.  Help those who fear; make them know great courage to face anything.  Make all beings feel forever exalted for having endured even the smallest amount of hardship and survived.  Sat Nam!”

But prayer is not completed with words.  So I can have all the word power in the world, but if I cannot deliver relief through my intunement, then my prayer will not be effective.  Still, the words are important because they offer comfort.  Whatever comfort the words brought to my body, I sent out to the people of the community threatened by wildfires.  Whatever true and deep relief my prayer offered to me, I consciously extended all those miles away to all those total strangers.

May the inner mechanisms of human consciousness continue to grow and reveal their value to our awakened minds.

Sat Nam!


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