40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Eleven

Eleven is a significant number in yogic numerology.  We meditate for eleven minutes to effect the nervous and glandular systems.  The eleventh body of consciousness is about allowing Infinity to flow through our entire being to uplift all.  Eleven days of a meditation is a significant day.  Momentum increases.  Things start to shift.

This evening my five-year-old daughter meditated by my side.  She did not play, fidget, mock, or squirm like she often does.  She chanted the mantra on one breath.  She participated in a seated position with her fingers in Ghyan Mudra for the entire eleven minutes.  She participated like an old soul who’d known this meditation from past lives.  She participated, riding the sound current of the Isht Sodhana Mantra Kriya.  When finished, she felt proud of herself for completing the meditation.

By the Grace of the Beloved Creator of All That Is, she is sleeping soundly now.

And here I was in some overly critical corner of my mind, fretting over whether or not I should be teaching my children to pray the same way my father had taught me.  Since writing this series of blog posts, I had started wondered whether I should teach my children to say bedtime prayers.  “Now I lay me down to sleep….”  Or “Thank God for having a nice day…”  Should I explain to them how I was taught and try to replicate that?  Hm.  Wonder.  Wonder.

But then, after eleven days of my own practice, my daughter, on her own, chose to sit with me and commit to eleven minutes.

Goes to show how useless it is to fret.  Just meditate.

What a glorious eleven minutes that was!  I shall never forget it as long as I live!  Infinite gratitude to the wisdom of fiver-year-old children!

Yogi Bhajan taught that the most powerful prayer is the prayer of the mother for her children.  There is no way a mother can screw up in prayer.

The world-renown yoga teacher, Gurumukh, teaches mothers to pray.  In her book for expectant mothers, she explains that whenever she sees a homeless person, she wonders, “Didn’t his mother pray for him?”  Not only can a mothers prayer keep her children off the streets, but Yogi Bhajan says, “Just one prayer of the mother can make the child the greatest man on earth.”

It’s never too late for a mother to pray for her children.  And if you are not even a mother, no worries, you can pray for all that you nurture.  Everyone has a mother within.  Pray from that place within you that is the Mother in you, and your prayer shall be powerful.

Today’s prayer:  May children everywhere feel a sense of joy, excitement, and good fortune that they are alive in this wild world.  May they guide us, through their pure light and intuition, in how and what we are to teach them.  May children be nurtured by Great Spirit.  May they always play and laugh with full and open hearts.  May they know the soulful rewards of kindness to all creatures.  May they feel confident and enlightened with the knowledge that they can and shall heal this world.  May they lovingly honor their Mother Earth and, in doing so, feel deeply cherished and loved.  May children  everywhere thrive and be ten times greater than their parents and caregivers.  May parents and caregivers feel ever at peace with their children and with themselves.

Sat Nam!


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