40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Sixteen

Here is one breath at a time; one line at a time; one word at a time: one stroke, one effort, one chore, one glance, one bite, one inch, one gesture, one turn, one step, one second, one day, another day, another day, and another.  One repetition of the mantra after another.  One strike of the tongue on the upper palate.  One pump of the navel.  One more prayer.

One of our Unknowns is what our life’s finished product actually looks like when we are through with our lifespan’s cycle.  Every thought, every moment, every breath, every dream, every experience accumulates over the years we enjoy on this Earth plane.  In the end, how can we ever know how it all must appear (or seem or feel) from the perspective of Universal Consciousness?

One Generator, Organizer, and Destroyer of All That Is knows all our little ones of this and ones of that and sees all and blesses all with some knowledge and plenty of life force.

Beloved Creator of All That Is, help all beings grow in awareness.  Be with all beings to guide our expansion of consciousness.  Help us all to feel connected, courageous, peaceful, fulfilled, empowered, and healed.  Give us this moment another breath.  Give us a real sense that this one miniscule task we are wrapped up in, no matter how large or small, is truly contributing something essential to the galactic tapestry of beauty, bounty, and bliss!

Sat Nam!


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