40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Seventeen

Another Unknown we experience is that of our influence on others.  We are not really certain to what depth and in what ways our presence is felt.  We are not completely sure in what ways our words and actions affect others.  We can never know exactly what someone else thinks or feels about us, even if they told us truthfully and to our face and in so many words.

So, what is an effective way to communicate with this unknowable aspect of our self?  How can we become more aware of our impact on others?  How can we be sure that our impact is uplifting and of service to others?

Listening helps.  Deep listening.  We should have thousands of words in our vocabulary that mean listen.  We need a vast spectrum of expression for the graceful practice of listening.  We need songs and prayers and praise and possibilities for listening.  We need to long for and seek out opportunities to listen.

Beloved Creator of the Sacred Sound Current and everything else, may we continue to serve You through our growing mastery of listening.  May our hearts and minds and ears and inner ear open to every sound, from whisper to war cry; and may we bring relief from suffering through listening.  Lord of Listening, May Jada’s family feel comfort during this time of great anxiety and uncertainty.  Creator of Listening, May Great Uncle Chen Ziren feel spiritual strength through his health challenges.  God of Listening, May those who are dying, those who will die, those who are dead feel that we are listening, and we are with them, and we are holding them in the space of infinite love.

Sat Nam!


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