40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Eighteen

As modern human beings, one of our collective Unknowns is all the knowledge, ancient wisdom, and history that has been destroyed by holocaust, cultural revolution, genocide, war, and book burning.

Total annihilation devastates us, but it is part of the process of Creation.

The technology of Kundalini Yoga can teach us something about this.  This practice strengthens the human sensory system so that an individual can become sensitive to the subtle realm and receive transmission of wisdom.

Since ancient times, spiritual practice has been transmitted from teacher to student. No lectures or texts, but living, breathing human transmission.  This art of transmission seems has been all but lost and forgotten in our contemporary consciousness.  Luckily, it still exists in Kundalini Yoga. We tune in with the Adhi Mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo, and these sounds connect us to the Golden Chain of teachers of this tradition. As practitioners, we are living breathing bearers of an entire lineage. In other words, the Library of Teachings is within the human body. Even if all teachings were lost in print and in digital form, there would still be those who practice this yoga. Even if only one teacher passes one teaching on to one student, the teachings will continue to exist.  Even if no one passes them on, they exist, held lovingly in the Sacred Sound Current.  All Great teachings exist in the subtle realm of consciousness; it’s simply a matter of tapping into that realm.  Sit. Meditate.  Practice.  Pray.

Oh, Divine Beloved Creator of All That Is and Is No Longer, fill our collective consciousness with strength to carry on lineages, teachings, and wisdom through our practices, through our words, through our actions, thoughts, and through our prayers. If it pleases Thee, keep us healthy, happy, creative, and mighty peaceful so that we may allow, not only peace, but also wisdom to prevail on this Earth. Let us dwell in The Wisdom that transcends cultures, transcends nations, transcends boundaries, transcends limits. May we embrace The Wisdom that is inclusive, collaborative, loving, dignified, graceful, courageous and full of humility and remembrance of our contribution to the Universe. May this Great Wisdom be that which can heal, and bring dignity, divinity, prosperity, and grace to all beings everywhere. May each and every creature embody such Divine Wisdom that is impervious to fire, war, holocaust, genocide, extinction because it lives and continues to thrive in the formless Subtle Realm of Universal Consciousness. May we have the capacity and caliber to tap into this awesome Unknown. May we be with this great Unknown in loving companionship on into Infinity.

Sat Nam!


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