40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty

Words don’t complete a prayer.  Intunement  completes a prayer.  Intunement involves vibrating prayer.

So, I am becoming more aware that with each new day, my whole being is shifting into a prayerful attitude in practically every situation that I am in.  When I am driving, I am praying.  When I am eating, I am praying.  When I am scolding my children, I am praying.  It doesn’t matter what I am engaged in from day-to-day, my consciousness is yoked to prayer. 

What this means for me is that I engage in no frivolous communication.  Every communication I have with another being is infused with prayer.  We may seem to be saying something very mundane, like, “Thank you.”  or “Please.”  But something more is exchanged in the communication because I am engaged in a perpetual prayer.

This is an extraordinary, beautiful, and utterly surprising benefit of this meditation practice.  Every interaction I enjoy is enriched by prayer.  I am bursting with joy!

May deep joy penetrate every fiber of this entire universe so that we who endure the deepest sadness may feel ever held in a warm embrace of The Beloved One Who Knows Our Hearts.  May joy spring from the unknowable places within us and give us the strength to uplift one another through our shared Divine Joy.

Sat Nam!


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