40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty Eight

Inhale prayer. Exhale prayer.

Inhale consciousness.  Exhale bliss.

Inhale Creation’s gifts and the Infinite Mystery.  Exhale Your Soul’s Wisdom.

There’s an eternal loving exchange happening in every breath.  In flows power.  Out flows a prayer.

When the heart falls into prayer, each heart beat creates a miracle.  When the breath synchronizes with prayer, respiration creates inspiration.

Here is a resource where you will find Yogi Bhajan discussing Breath and Prayer, as well as a simple Breath and Prayer practice.

May your breath always be conscious.  May your prayer be a sweet exchange between the known and unknown parts of you.  May your own breath of life give you health, wealth, and wisdom.  May your breath be your love breath, your sweet breath, your peace breath, your calm breath, your wise breath.  May your relationship with your breath be so deep and fulfilling that it guides all Dear Ones to fall more deeply in love with their own breath.  May your breath always bring you back to balance, harmony, kindness, compassion, and service. 

Sat Nam!

Stars and spiral galaxy in a free space.
Stars and spiral galaxy in a free space. “Elements of this image furnished by NASA”.


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