40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Twenty Nine

Many things that I did when I was younger, like practice piano, learn Chinese, and write a Young Adult novel, are only now revealing the reasons why I did those things and whatever I might need them for.

Through this meditation practice, I am getting a sense that these prayers are similar.  I am becoming these prayers for reasons I cannot quite see now, but I know someday these prayers and this process will serve me in ways that I am not aware of at the moment.  Growing older is exciting, always a process of finding out what happens on the next page of life’s Almighty Cosmic Mystery Novel.

Who knows how many small acts of kindness are occurring in this moment?  Who can count how many thoughts are bringing pleasure to how many minds?  Who can tally all the worries that are tightening their merciless grip on how many lives?  Who can map the precise route that connects all of these–every kindness, every pleasure, every worry–a clear guide to the Oneness of the Universe?

May you make the impossible possible.  Though you may know the deepest misery, may you dance with great joy.  I am here, too.  I am miserable, too.  I am with you.  I am dancing.  Let’s dance Wisdom into being.  May you always feel deeply loved by Lady Wisdom.  May your wisdom be ten times greater than the Buddha’s.  May your whole being fill up with a sense of how awkward and hilarious it is to be human.  May you feel free, at anytime you wish, under any circumstances, and in any situation, to inwardly vibrate a roar of laughter and outwardly project cosmic peace.

Sat Nam!

Colorful Mind series. Composition of human head and fractal colors to serve as a supporting backdrop for projects on mind dreams thinking consciousness and imagination
Colorful Mind series.


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