40 Days, 40 Years, 40 Prayers

Day Thirty Five

What an almighty challenge it is to live according to consciousness!  Every moment presents enormous challenge.  All the varieties of personalities and energies to work with!  All the bizarre distractions and overload to the nervous system!  All the tragedies and celebrations! All the zombies who are totally indifferent or checked out!  All the over dramatization and sensationalizing and celebrity and too-cool-for-school irreverence!

My meditation practice saved me today.  There were certain moments and situations in which it would have been easier and more comfortable, more habitual, to fall into the behavior patterns and thought patterns that occur when I rely on my ego, my emotions, or my intelligence in certain trying moments.  But, I am slowing my breath and reminding myself to remain fully conscious, fully alert, ready at any moment to face Life’s challenges with dignity, grace, and consciousness.

What helped today?  The image of the white light growing and expanding out from my heart center worked miracles in keeping me in my consciousness.  This vision is a skill I refined practicing this Isht Sodhana Mantra Kriya, and because I’ve been practicing every day, the vision just came into my mind when I needed it, as if it had been gifted to me by a generous Muse.  Receiving the gift was pure delight, and I was astonished at how much this helped.  As soon as I envisioned the white light growing and glowing and expanding from the center of my heart out into the universe, a divine grace intervened in my predicament, and the energy around the predicament changed.  The predicament is still there, but the energy around it is different; now, I have such clarity about the situation that I can move forward relying on my intuitive poise.

I’m feeling blessed to be cozying up to the flow of grace.

May you enjoy the flow of grace in each moment.  May your soul be served by your own beautiful, intuitive poise.  May the pure light of consciousness become your habitual way of being! 

Sat Nam!


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