Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day One

You ever wonder what goes on inside God’s mind?  Perhaps you wish you could read God’s mind?

Does God sit, breathe, and mentally vibrate, God and me, me and God, are One?

Well, who cares?  I just wanted to write that opening to get you reading this blog post.  Did it work?  Are you with me?  Great.  Let’s cozy up.  Please, read on.

Our minds have facets, like gemstones have facets.  Light and shadow play off these facets in the form of a variety of projections.  What a gift!  Good thing the exploration, cultivation, and relating to the mind can become a never-ending adventure.

Lately, I have been practicing a meditation called “Karani Kriya” from Yogi Bhajan’s book The Mind: It’s Projections and Multiple Facets.

This meditation cultivates the facet of the human mind that projects receptivity, enthusiasm, and appreciation.  According to the meditation instruction, “This kriya will help the aspirant find the source of creativity that is in the heart.  It solves the problem of finding how to make a lucrative livelihood and satisfy the soul at the same time.”

Great!  This is perfect.  Too often too many souls experience the ways that pressure of making a living can seem to starve the soul.  I know I have had this experience.

I have worked as a teacher of English as a Second Language for some years now.  I have felt “burned out” from teaching because it seemed to me that I was putting in so much energy and enthusiasm while students didn’t seem to care one bit.  Or, they would not complete assignments.  Most frustrating to me was when those whom I regarded as the “best” students would end up cheating on the exams.

I quit teaching ESL for a while, sure that such an occupation was not feeding my soul.  I supposed I would have been more satisfied teaching poetry or literature or creative writing.  I fell into a depression regarding myself as a failure.  I felt small and meaningless.  I felt like a superfluous person, a cog, a pawn, a squirming creature in a sea of struggles.

What’s more, my husband is an attorney who works long hours suing institutions that commit fraud.  As it turns out, one of the schools that I had worked for in New York City was run by the Career Education Corporation, a for-profit institution that practiced illegal recruiting methods to get students to sign up for its programs and receive loans from the government that would eventually leave these students in severe debt with no opportunities for employment after graduating with a degree that meant little or nothing in the working world.  The thought that I had been employed by such an institution sent my stomach turning in disgust.

After taking time off to birth and raise babies, financial necessity urges me to return to teaching ESL as a substitute teacher.

Now, being a substitute certainly lacks glamour and prestige.  I show up to fill in for the usual teacher, and I return home at the end of the day knowing I will never see those students again.  It all feels quite empty and grey.  Thank goodness there’s yoga.  My practice gives me the determination to meditate and grow to live consciously conscious, grow reverent and soulful with the circumstances I live with now.

Also, I refuse to work for any for-profit institution that promises a useless degree.  I work at a tiny school where students come from all over the world to learn English.  That is all that is promised; that is all they receive.  The cost is fair, and the product is authentic.  And I intend to grow to embrace my livelihood with reverence.  This is my mind’s current adventure.  At this point, I still feel a little resistant, still wishing I had been able to pursue a more prestigious path, a more glamorous, celebrated career, a sexier occupation, a more leadership-type job.

But I am willing to open up to the possibility of engaging my Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind working with what I’ve got.

Our minds are sacred texts.  If I could read yours, I would.  I would sit in a sacred space and read your mind aloud for hours on end.  I would read your mind and quote from it, its poetry, its song, its scripture.  I’d read your mind, and invite the world listen and celebrate your mind’s deep beauty, its complicated mix of light, shadow, facets, aspects, projections, and functions. I’d read your mind with complete faith that by reading, feeling, and sharing what goes on deep within your mind, a great, eternal blessing is conferred upon the One Mind that moves the whole Universe.


One thought on “Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

  1. I believe you could read the poetry in my mind. Thanks for these thoughts Surjot. I am in a similar place with the work world and may have to borrow your Karani Kriya! Sat Nam

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