Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Two

While collecting trash, make the mind beautiful.  While cleaning toilets, make the mind beautiful.  While serving others, while healing others, while cleaning up every mess made by mankind, make the mind beautiful.

How does a mind become beautiful?

Chant.  Repeat the Naam.

There are infinite opportunities to make the mind beautiful.  Do not miss a single opportunity to make the mind beautiful.

Every breath (inhale: sat) is an opportunity to make your mind beautiful (exhale: naam).

Make your mind shine.  Chisel your mind into diamond.

What changes a piece of coal to diamond?  Pressure.

What will change your mind to diamond?  Pressure.

Mind the pressure.  Pressure is press and sure.  You can be pressed.  You can be sure. 

You don’t mind your own business.

Mind your own mind.


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