Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Eleven

When the mind spins and expands with all thoughts and words full of heart and spirit, that’s paradise!  Focus on infinite courage.  Create a mind full of Love.  Create a mind full of soul.  Create a mind full of spiritual insight.  Share.  Move.  Enlighten.  Uplift.  “The world is the True Lord’s chamber. Within it the True One resides.”  Sit, have a long, long chat with your True One.  Your protective mind may long to belong, but also long for the liberation of every soul.  Train the projective mind to engage in one-pointed focus on the Divine.   Invite your meditative mind to drink deep and long from the bottomless cup of prayer.  Be the light, and Live the light.  Consciousness.  Bliss.  Consciousness.  Bliss.

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