May You Prosper #4

It’s difficult to write because I have a raging headache.  But I will attempt to focus on your prosperity as a way to relieve my pain.

Today I heard a segment on public radio in which film critics were discussing this weekend’s new movies.  They mentioned one that is called ???  I don’t remember what it’s called, and it’s probably better I don’t even write the title as it does not seem much worth repeating.  In any case, the movie is about a boy who refuses to believe in Santa Clause, and his stubbornness and anger release an Anti-Santa Clause character; instead of being a giver, this scary anti-Santa Clause is a taker.  He goes to every house taking certain family members away.  Though there is supposedly not much violence in the film (it’s supposed to be a funny horror), the family members are taken away and killed…I think.

Oh, it’s an awfully stupid premise!  But that is not the point of me writing about this.  The two critics were giving the movie a bad review, but during the segment, one of the critics made a comment that deeply disturbed me:  he said, “Yeah, you know that feeling you get around the holidays when family starts showing up to visit and they really get on your nerves to the point where you just want to kill them?”

Why are we allowing such crap to roll off of our tongues?  What an asinine comment to make that is lacking any sensitivity to the bloodbath that is going on all around us right now.  Does this critic have such myopic awareness that he does not realize how his casual comment relates to and feeds our culture of violence?  This is the kind of ignorance that needs to be addressed and cured.

Be careful not to get too caught up in terrorism rhetoric and the “tighter gun laws” debates.  Those are distractions.  Stay focused on your tongue.  Be careful what you say.  Be aware that you are what you speak.  Be aware of the power of the word.

Let’s devote the next 2,000 years to whispering words of prosperity into one another’s ears!

If you feel so inspired, please practice the Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana to Activate Prosperity.

Psst.  Sweet Beloveds, I treasure every single one of the 100 billion nerves and the trillions of synapses that zing and light up inside your brain.  In sum, I adore you and You and YOU!    

Sat Nam! 

Chemical Ali
Geometry of the Soul series two. Background design of human profile and abstract elements on the subject of spirituality, science, creativity and the mind

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