Mass Bliss

I read an article in the New York Times a while ago entitled Thinking Against Violence .  It was an interview with Brad Evans, a senior lecturer in International Relations at the University of Bristol in England.  Evans has written books about how “violence is ubiquitous” in the media today.  His books engage in some analysis of the news media adage, “if it bleeds, it leads.”  His work exposes, to some degree, the modern phenomenon of the normalization of violence.

“We have more orchestrated spectacles of violence, from real events to cultural and entertainment productions, which prove to be deeply significant in the normalization of violence and producing the conditions for violence to come.”

This article did not go into further detail or explanation about this comment.  How, exactly, do our cultural and entertainment productions contribute to the normalization of violence?

What impact will the normalization of violence have on the human, not only in the psychological dimension but the physiological realm?  The nervous system, the glandular system will feel the impact, and how?

Can the enormous human spirit someday proclaim bliss’s victory over violence?  I think it can, but it won’t be easy.  First, we need to start having conversations that value bliss.  Let’s not underestimate our own potential.  Let’s continue to create environments in which people come together to awaken their consciousness.  Human beings need to have the consciousness, the energy, the will power, and the compassion to continue to consciously chose bliss.


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