40 Days of Radiant Words

Day Eleven

Stretching all my limbs and moving freely, I intend to spend this day bathing in wonder and delight.  I intend to use every breath to awaken to equanimity.

May my mind fill with loving kindness as vast as the sky.  May waves of peace wash over every thought that arises in my head.  They say the mind releases one thousand thoughts per blink of the eye.  Then let every one of those thoughts be bathed in shimmering awareness!

I have found that writing radiant words and speaking radiant words are much easier than thinking radiant words.  So, today I focus on my thoughts and take good care of them that my own thoughts may not lead me away from practicing the yoga of wonder and delight.

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes a day for 40 days:  Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body

Throughout the 40 days, continue to reflect on this question:

What words would I think, write, or speak if I knew that whatever I think, write, or speak must happen? 

Peace to All!

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