40 Days of Radiant Words

Day 12

Once, I came across a bar graph that represented a survey.  People were asked to compare how clearly they can articulate their thoughts when they speak versus how clearly they can articulate their thoughts when they write.  More people responded that they felt ten times more able to articulate their thoughts in writing than through speaking.

I wondered how people would respond if the question were not about how well they can articulate their thoughts but how well they could articulate their awareness, their consciousness, their spirit, their soul.  After all, the yogis remind us that the mind releases one thousand thoughts per blink of the eye.  Many of these thoughts are not so useful, and I dare say some are pure garbage.

So, is articulating thought such a helpful thing anyway?  What does articulating consciousness look or sound or feel like in written and spoken words?

When I started wrestling with this idea that it seems we often privilege thought over awareness, I mentioned this to my teacher and expressed my concern about the excess of dark, dark thoughts looming about these days.

My teacher simply said, “Plunge, my dear, plunge!”  I looked at her, confused.  Plunge?  She continued, saying, “Has it occurred to you that your struggle might be a divine tool for bringing about magnificence?”

Today’s radiant words are from the The Radiance Sutras.

Secrets are hidden in darkness and difficult nights.  You awaken into a pang of aloneness, a howl of separation.  This is the call of the Dark One, the roar of life seeking its source.  The union you long for is within reach.  Throw off all hesitation.  Become one with the fear.  Plunge into the uncanny blackness, eyes wide open, as if there were no other choice.  Vibrating with fierce tenderness, breathe intimately with the Lord of infinite space.

May we enter every darkness vibrating fierce tenderness and trust the wisdom of infinite space to guide us to our beloved source.  May breathing intimately with the Lord of infinite space continue to remind us of the shimmering presence of the Beloved Creator of All That Is.


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