40 Days of Radiant Words

Day Twenty Two

The purpose of this 40-day meditation and writing project was to help me refine my relationship to words.  I dove into this practice with the notion that I would be luxuriating in sacred words and their beauty.  I should have known that the practice would lead to confronting my consciousness and challenging the very foundations upon which I have based my life-long love affair with words.  I have lived my life as an American who has internalized the American value of the freedom of expression, but my practice over these past 22 days has led me to a radical shift in my understanding of the value of “freedom of expression.”  This is surprising to me and somthing I look forward to diving into more deeply.

Thanks to Lorin Roche, who encourages readers of The Radiance Sutras to write their own sutras, my personal sutras came to me this morning as I was meditating in the wee hours.

These sutras do not come from me but through me.  They are not mine alone but belong to the universe.  I am less an author of them than I am someone who has discovered them.

Sutra is a sanskrit word that means “string” or “thread.”  A list of sutras are aphorisms that provide guidance.  The idea is to repeat the sutras and meditate on them to forge a relationship with them and see how their truth weaves into your life and your being.

Here are seven sutras that can be used to guide a mindful practice of using words consciously.

Free Speech Yoga Sutras for Word Lovers

  1.  Speak words as if whatever you speak must  happen.

  2. You have great skill at speaking to inform, try speaking to uplift.

  3. Words are worlds, and words create and destroy worlds.

  4. You are skilled at speaking your mind, try speaking your soul.

  5. Upholding freedom of expression may be less essential nowadays than upholding truth of expression.

  6. Words are organic beings, use them so as to bless them.

  7. Free speech can also mean observing silence so that words can be liberated from humans’ misuse of their power.

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes a day for 40 days: Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body

Reflect on the Seven Free Speech Yoga Sutras for Word Lovers (above) or channel your own sutras and share them with me.

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