40 Days of Radiant Words

Day Twenty Eight

I volunteer as a tutor for an adult literacy program called READ/San Diego.  Last night, I attended this program’s annual event at the Balboa Park Club Ballroom that celebrates the accomplishments of adult learners in the program.  The event also recognizes the volunteers, donors, and coordinators who make adult literacy possible here in San Diego.

I felt so inspired to hear the words shared by one adult learner who had earned a G.E.D. through this program.  He said that he was able to keep up with his commitment to learn to read because his tutor continued to show up twice a week to meet with him.

“My tutor is the best.  He does not get paid, but he wants to help me learn to read.  I appreciate his big heart.  He is my hero.”

This evening, I cherished the opportunity for all to break bread together and openly express their gratitude for one another.

The old wisdom claims that life is 90% showing up.   But then when you simply show up and that inspires others in your community to grow, you can rest easy in your own presence and rest easy in the subtle beauty of your own compassionate heart.  And when those who you have inspired acknowledge you for inspiring them, they are giving back on so many levels that we can all together rest easy in that Great One Compassionate Heart.

It is comforting to know there are so many angels out there who are doing their humble best to help each other.  May we continue to create ways to rest easy in that Great One Compassionate Heart.

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes a day for 40 days: Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body

Question for reflection:

What words would I think, speak, write, and repeat if I knew that every word I think, speak, write, and repeat must happen?

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