40 Days of Radiant Words

Day Thirty Two

Last night I happened upon some words by Hafiz, the 14th Century Persian poet of ecstatic poetry.  This particular poem talked about how the depth of his love for God had made him into a sweet beggar and how that love was so profound that it tricked God into his bowl.  I love this idea that a devotee’s love can trick the divine into giving gifts.  It’s all so mysterious, mischievous, fun, carefree, and humble.  Hafiz’s poetry inspired my own humble plea.

Dear Beloved Creator of All That Is Who Is At Once All Mysterious and All Mischievous,

Please allow the radiant bodies of every being on this planet to entangle into one Great Radiance that may serve as the lamp which you can always rely upon to guide your way on.

Sat Nam!

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes a day for 40 days:  Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body.

Question for reflection:

What words would I think, speak, write, and repeat if I knew that whatever words I think, write, and speak must happen?



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