4o Days of Radiant Words

Day Thirty Three

Today’s radiant words are from The Radiance SutrasThe Radiance Sutras:

The air I am breathing was exhaled in ecstasy by an ancient Sun.  This Earth I am standing on was born of cosmic fire.  The blood flowing through my veins is as salty as the primordial ocean.  The space permeating my body is infinite as the space all around.  Above, below, to all sides, within, the elements of the universe are engaged in their ceremony of delight.  This is my religion.  The attraction between suns is the same as the love pulsating in my heart.

May every being’s heart be filled with cosmic fire, burning delight, and pulsating love that is an offering to the Beloved Creation to indulge in its own ecstatic dance into radiance.

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes a day for 40 days:  Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body.

Question for reflection:

What words would I think, speak, write, and repeat if I knew that whatever words I think, speak, write, and repeat must happen?


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