40 Days of Radiant Words

Day Thirty Nine

My husband is a busy lawyer.  He works harder than anyone I know.  He and I like to keep strange hours.

For instance, last night, in the middle of the night, we watched the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, an episdoe from several days ago.  We watched on this little laptap, as we choose not own a TV.

Trevor Noah had invited a guest onto the show, Ezra Edelman, the man who created OJ: Made in America, an 8-hour long documentary about the OJ Simpson trial of 1994.  The critical point Edelman made was that when the African American community was cheering for the OJ verdict, many Americans expressed their judgements and felt affronted.  Many were quick to view the situation as a problem with the American love of celebrity, sex, murder, and courtroom drama that made for a spectacle that allowed OJ to get away with murder.

But, what Edelaman pointed out was that the OJ Simpson trial illuminated a deeper, more troubling psychosis: the relationship between the African American community and the Los Angeles Police Department had a history defined by police brutality.  From Edelman’s perspective, the African American community finally witnessed a dynamic that they had never experienced: a black man got into trouble with the law, and he was able to walk free.  Edelman made the point that there was so much revelry and celebration around the verdict not becasue people were cheering for a celebrity, but they were cheering for an outcome in a criminal justice system that had historically treated the entire African Amerianc community unfairly.

Edelman repeated these words: “You don’t get these moments very often.  When you get a moment, seize the moment.”

I love moments.  I’m a yogi.  All we have are moments.  Seize them. And cease them.  Ceaselessly.

I feel an urge to reflect.  What does a yogi’s vision of a collective community ceasing the moment look like?  I would jump for joy to see a whole community, including everyone of every color, shape, size, walk of life, babies, pets, insects, and trees included when we all agree to practice One-Minute Breath for three minutes on the Spring Equinox 2017.  Inhale for twenty seconds.  Suspend the breath for twenty seconds.  Exhale for twenty seconds. Slow everything way down to take a collective breather.  Now, wouldn’t that be something to cheer about?  It’s worth hoping for; it’s worth dreaming the impossible dream.  It’s worth envisioning every being all together stopping and dropping what they’re doing for three minutes to breathe consciously.  Three minutes is all it would take.  Imagine!

Please join me in practicing this meditation for 11 minutes a day for 40 days:  Meditation to Develop the Radiant Body

Question for reflection:

What words would I think, write, speak, and repeat if I knew that whatever words I think, write, speak, and repeat must happen?


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