As Taught By Cosmic Mothers

As Taught By Cosmic Mothers

Pamela Saharah Dyson’s memoir _Premka: White Bird in a Golden Cage: My Life with Yogi Bhajan_ teaches us that human consciousness must grow beyond patriarchal hierarchy in the spiritual dimension. Yogi Bhajan treated people cruelly. We knew this even before Pamela’s book came out. I stand firm in my inner intuitive awareness that spiritual teachings do not need to be taught through cruel manipulation of people’s energies and psyches.

I have abandoned my yoga teaching position at Cosmic Flow yoga because what I read in Pamela’s book confirmed my long-time suspicions that something was deeply flawed at the heart-center of this quirky style of yoga. I suspected it was flawed because of the ways that I have been spiritually, psychologically, financially, and socially manipulated by kundalini yoga organizations and kundalini yoga people stuck in hierarchical ways of being, even one inauthentic leader who paraded as an advanced teacher. But now I am so sad to see further that Pamela’s spiritual family did to her what the Christian church did to Mary Magdelen. Please read _The Magdalen Manuscript_ by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion.

Maybe look at it this way. If you are one who is inclined to see meaning in past lives, try to see it this way: Women who surrounded Yogi Bhajan in his inner circle were past life adepts in ancient Egyptian Cosmic Mother Temple of Isis Creatrix lineages. I bow to these women and I welcome their stories. I want to hear the story of the creation of this style of yoga as if these women had been all along the ones who shared a collective seat of honor with the Mahan Tantric yogi bhajan. The true story is that he is not the only one who built this family. Truly, it was a collaboration of energies. If he was making love to these women, it was because it influenced the flow of Creative kundalini. Don’t you think this is an essential aspect of the teachings that we ought to study deeply without acting like a bunch of prudes and victims in tight-ass sex-denial? We are yogis for crying out loud! The body, with all its functions, is a temple and what we choose to do with it matters! So, yes I want to hear the women of the inner circle speak their own true stories, every raw detail. I am listening. To what degree did having these kinds of relations and manipulating people on every level impact Yogi Bhajan’s kundalini energy inside his physical, emotional, and spiritual body? Too bad we cannot ask him this now because he is dead. Because the way he manipulated people killed him too soon. But we can listen to women. Well, then …

I want Kundalini Yoga as Taught by the Cosmic Mothers!

Dead is the era when all the master spiritual teachers are those men who have grown long beards. Dead are the times when there is a master up on a pedestal who is surrounded by adoring servants / disciples. Grieve. Move on.

Life itself is a spiritual teacher. And in case you haven’t noticed, life is filled with men AND women. And, in case you haven’t noticed, women have messages that need to be heard, integrated, and celebrated. We need the WHOLE story if we are to be happy, healthy, holy.

Long-bearded teachers, I have listened to your wisdom for thousands of years. But now, we are going to explore and expand our consciousness beyond the wisdom of the bearded sage. Because as we have learned collectively from our experience, the men with the long beard who we venerate as our spiritual leaders, while sure they have raised our consciousness to some degree, they have also revealed their limits. I have proffered my respect to the bearded teachers long enough; now, I want to expand beyond.

I call upon Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, the Sophia Dragons, Riva Djinn, and Rebecca Jane.

Stay Awake: A Poem

Stay awake beyond the last mantra chanted by all bearded teachers.

Stay awake beyond the last fire burned to ashes.

Stay awake beyond birth pains, life well-lived, and graceful death.

Stay awake beyond the rise and fall of every empire.

Stay awake beyond the comings and goings of loved ones, illustrious ones, and enemies.

Stay awake beyond the in and out of every breath of every life.

Stay awake beyond sacred fire’s ash gone cold.

Stay awake beyond Iron Ages, Ice Ages, Fire Ages, Space Ages, and Aquarian Ages.

Stay awake beyond the ruin and repair of all lonely planets.

Stay awake beyond the dissolution and renewal of the cosmos.

Stay awake beyond union and reunion with the cosmic consciousness.

Stay awake beyond the primal dance with the beloved Many rising lingams with coiled yonis.

Stay awake, beloved yogi, beyond the 108 elements.

Stay rooted awake rising awake.

Stay way awake way beyond billennial dawnbreak bliss and blow        

Riva Djinn, poet genie  


May those stuffy official organizations drop their “third party investigation” and just INCLUDE Premka alongside The Master’s Touch in their Level One Teacher Training curriculum … or not … ha ha … so? what’s the big deal?! Infinite gratitude to the Beloved Creatrix who hears this playful, solitary, mother’s prayer. A Hum!

© Rebecca Jane Johnson Yogi Ma All Rights Reserved, 2020

3 thoughts on “As Taught By Cosmic Mothers

  1. Hello Yogi Ma, I want to mention not to quit. Just stand firm in continuing your practice. I am 62 years old and lived through the years of the men being in control and getting away with abuse. Our generation set the stage for women being able to rise above and speak the truth even though it was “one foot forward and two steps back”. In my young life, I would wear turtle necks and bow tye shirts, “Murphy Brown” and I never had a day that a man was eyes all over. Wearing leotards and sports bras on the streets would have gotten me in lots of issues I could not easily get out of. I see everyone dressed like that and wow it always brings back those memories. We changed our clothes after a fitness class. But, I also want to say just take more time, never rush to quit. We just spring forward where we are. I once was kicked out of a church for standing up to the men in control. It took 4 months but the truth came out. The elder (who was a pediatrician) was in a sexual relationship with the Children’s Director. So then I was a Prophet! But I went back to clear my name. and never wanted to go back to church. The Bible and all religions were designed by men to control (said I would meet not them alone in a room, but wanted the whole church at the meeting, well that did not happen they excommunicated me). The Bible is a great tool for changing our spiritual life but taken out of context by male designed churches. I tell this to all my friends who hate the church, I always say it is not the Bible but the male made churches. Do not dislike the Bible it is a wonderful book of history, suffering, and perseverance. I am learning this since we moved from the Piscean age to now the Aquarian Age. 2 (2020)represents women I have learned and this is the year of the Woman. I am doing Kundalini Teacher Training and had decided that I would not follow any man, but do the techniques that I know work. My Instructor male has not shown favor to me because I do not look to him as a mentor. We clashed early in the workshops. But I knew that he is really a male with a big ego. I respect but not follow blindly. Just as minorities have had to work under oppression, they had to work and persevere in a bad situation. The next generation was a little better off. So this is to the women. We do not leave, but get stronger and be a guide to the next generation. My thoughts are with you as you consider the next steps. I am very glad that I found your blog!!

    1. YogiMa
      “Life itself is a spiritual teacher. And in case you haven’t noticed, life is filled with men AND women. And, in case you haven’t noticed, women have messages that need to be heard, integrated, and celebrated.” So, so true. Your passion and authenticity come through so much in this statement. Keep on writing these messages. They need to be heard.

  2. “Life itself is a spiritual teacher. And in case you haven’t noticed, life is filled with men AND women. And, in case you haven’t noticed, women have messages that need to be heard, integrated, and celebrated.” Your passion and authenticity come shining through. Keep on writing these messages they need to be heard.

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