Vedanta vs. Yogic Meditation

Vedanta vs. Yogic Meditation

Is meditation watching the breath?

Is meditation watching the movements of the mind and then continually bringing the mind back to a mantra or object?

Is meditation sitting quietly and forcing intense focus on one object until the meditator merges with that object and goes beyond? (Yogic)

Is meditation boring?

Is meditation hard?

Must we meditate daily, in the morning, as the sun rises and as the sun sets?

Is meditation something that makes us transcend the world and abandon the world to walk the path of the renunciate; or, does meditation connect us and make us more aware and make us more joyfully involved in everything we do?

Is meditation something that helps us to maintain a refined sense of awareness toward our body, mind, and movements in the world? (Mindfulness)

Is meditation something that I can engage in all of the time; therefor, I don’t need to practice any method because if everything is a meditation nothing is a meditation? (nihilistic)

Can / should meditation be defined?

Does meditation lead to levitation; or, is meditation all about balancing gravity and levity?

One day, while thinking about these questions, I came across an Urban Outfitters advertisement that appeared in my email inbox that said, “New bikinis are the answer.” This made me laugh.

Yogic meditation chooses an object like the breath or a mantra, and disciplines the mind to stay focused on that one object. Yogic meditation guides the practitioner to still the fluctuations of the mind.

Mindfulness meditation assesses the here and now moment with intense focus to refine and expand awareness in the moment.

Vedanta meditation is not exactly meditation in the yogic sense, nor is it meditation in the mindfulness sense. Vedantic meditation urges the practitioner to encounter everything in the world in a state of Being the One Illuminating whatever is encountered. It is a path to Self knowledge. It is a path of Brahmavidya, the direct experience of Pure Consciousness in all moments at all times. So, for instance, I know for sure that my eyes are different from the objects I am seeing. Vedanta guides me to know–equally as clearly–that the Witness / the Pure Consciousness is right here and now, shining forth in this moment no matter what I am experiencing. Brahma — undivided and luminous — generates the conscious reality, reveals and hides, and is equally present in every being. Plus, it exists beyond the grasp of language; so we don’t really need to talk or write about it but just be with it, dwell in it, celebrate it, acknowledge it, bow to it. Love it. I want a t-shirt that says I (heart) Brahmavidya. Ha! Ha! Funny, right? I wish Urban Outfitters sold such a t shirt. I would buy it. Peace!

Infinite gratitude to Swami Sarvapriyananda whose YouTube classes are a treasure to me.

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