Mother’s Prayer for Safe Schools

Violence is a fixture that churns deep in the American psyche.

Violence pervades our most seemingly innocent experiences, from going to the mall to walking through the park.  No  matter what it is a typical American does on a typical day, violent images, memories, song lyrics, movie scenes, words, ideas, stories, and language accompany every move we make.

To appreciate the depth to which we are steeped in violence, we need to appreciate the workings of the subconscious mind and the subtle realm.  We need to become more deeply conscious.  We need to be deeply aware of the ways that glorification of violence influences the subconscious mind.

In America today, most people do not want to admit it or do not choose to notice, but violence exists as a prominent leader in the American Subtle Consciousness.  Most people are not paying attention to the subtle realm.  Why should they?  After all, the subtle realm is subtle.  And if you do not practice any form of yoga, meditation, or mindfulness, chances are you have no idea that the subtle realm even exists.

The first gross solution is to get rid of guns.

The solution for the mind is to clean the subconscious of its garbage.  The way to do that is meditation.

Pushing measures through the government and legal system are useless.

Instead, change the brain!

Here is a sure fie way to protect children through violence:

Chant the Mother’s Prayer for Her Child eleven times as your child falls asleep at night.  Even if your child is grown and moved away, chant this prayer for your child every day, eleven times a day.  Do this every day without fail.  While chanting, expand your awareness to swaddle every child — even your inner child — in this blessing.  Sat Nam!



Meditate for Brain Health

There are different modes of thinking about ourselves.  One is narrative.

My name is Rebecca.  I grew up in the Midwest… 

Another is experiential.

Knees throb and heart rate increases while climbing these stairs.

When we relate to ourselves through our stories, through narrative, this way of thinking activates the medial prefrontal cortex region of the brain.

When we relate to ourselves through our moment-to-moment experience, this way of thinking activates the somatosensory cortex and right insula regions of the brain.

Scientific studies reveal a difference in the wiring of these regions of the brains of people who meditate versus those who do not meditate.  Those who do not meditate have strong neural pathways that connect the medial prefrontal cortex to the somatosensory cortex and right insula.  This means that if a person does not meditate, they are prone to narrating an experience.  They are prone to telling a story about an experience.  On the other hand, people who meditate have medial prefrontal cortex that is not so strongly wired to the somatosensory cortex and right insula.  And the somatosensory cotex and right insula have more rigorous activity.  This means people who meditate are more likely to experience an experience free of the habit of delving into a story about that experience.

Medial prefrontal cortex activity is linked to self-evaluation and analysis.  The somatosensory cotex and right insula convey information about present moment awareness.  One benefit of practicing mindfulness and meditation is that it preserves space between these two regions of the brain so that a person who is having an experience can have an authentic experience rather than filtering, embellishing, or getting caught up in that experience through a story.  Meditation changes brain patterns so that moment-to-moment sensory awareness and activation of the right insula increases.

Think of all the stories in the universe!

Spiritual awakening gives us stories.

Religion gives us stories.

The development of saints, sages, and elevated beings are stories.

All our psychoses and neuroses are stories, stories, stories.

Stories have been both nourishing and misguiding us for ages!

The medial prefrontal cortex of the human brain is highly developed and sophisticated.  That’s something to celebrate, for sure.  But what are the drawbacks?  One that I can think of is that when we experience other people, we are prone to telling ourselves stories about them when the interaction would probably benefit more from fully experiencing another being in the moment.

Sure we can listen to and embrace stories.  I love stories.  But then perhaps let’s not be so consumed by stories but pay closer attention to experience to allow that part of our brain to thrive, too.  Allow experience to be experiences.  Allow a story to be only that–a story.  Let’s develop a right insula that is as sophisticated and utilized as our medial prefrontal cortex.  Then let’s see where we will be as a human species.

Every living human being embodies moment-to-moment experience that is one expression of the universe that is a universe unto itself.  Considering things in this way fills me with awe.  Just think, one simple interaction with another being can be like making a profound discovery, visiting a distant planet, or locating a hidden treasure.  Interacting with another is that profound.  Interacting with another is that precious.

What unknown regions of the brain might we be able to access if we are to interact with one another free of stories about one another and instead experience one another in each moment full of innocent curiosity and naked wonder?

Mind Metaphor



Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Eleven

When the mind spins and expands with all thoughts and words full of heart and spirit, that’s paradise!  Focus on infinite courage.  Create a mind full of Love.  Create a mind full of soul.  Create a mind full of spiritual insight.  Share.  Move.  Enlighten.  Uplift.  “The world is the True Lord’s chamber. Within it the True One resides.”  Sit, have a long, long chat with your True One.  Your protective mind may long to belong, but also long for the liberation of every soul.  Train the projective mind to engage in one-pointed focus on the Divine.   Invite your meditative mind to drink deep and long from the bottomless cup of prayer.  Be the light, and Live the light.  Consciousness.  Bliss.  Consciousness.  Bliss.

Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Ten

“The mind is above time and space.  If you decide not to complain, the mind will immediately compensate you with intuition.” ~Yogi Bhajan

Besides, intuition feels so much better than complaining.  There’s so much too complain about: I’m underpaid.  The weather’s bad.  I don’t get enough sleep.  I don’t get enough love.  I’m surrounded by stupid people.

Such complaints are not worthy of diamond mind energy.  When salary is too low, revel in the expertise and heart you devote to your craft.  When the weather makes us physically uncomfortable, compose a song.  When sleep deprived, commit to exploring and discovering the space within you where there are wells of boundless pranic energy.  When love starved, give more love away.  When surrounded by stupid people, bathe them in the light of your mind.

Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Nine

It’s easy for the mind to dwell in frustration.  Frustration is a habit of the negative mind.  Allow the wild mind to be flexible and playful with singularity and duality and egoism and emotion.  But, commit to a steady focus on infinity and neutrality.  May infinity and neutrality ignite the light of the mind.  May this yogi’s mind dwell in the mind of the Beloved Creator.  Sat Nam!


Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Five

Sometimes we grow suspicious of social institutions, like education, religion, careers, and media.  We accuse these realms of giving us the experience of feeling “brainwashed.”

Your mind is given to you so you can never be brainwashed.

Every day, every hour, every moment, feel empowered to check in with the elements that make up your human organism and all things:  ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

Your mind is given to you to balance the amount of ether, air, fire, water, and earth that you are experiencing in any given moment, in any given circumstance.

Relating to the universe through your consciousness means becoming aware of the balance of the five elements that make up YOU.

Ether:  Check the quality of the space in which you exist.  Is that space giving you room to grow and glow?

Air:  Check the quality of your thoughts and your life force energy.  Do you have thoughts of high or low frequency?  Do you feel you have plenty of energy to give and love and serve?

Fire:  Check the quality of your digestion and lifeblood.  Do you feel at ease moving food through your system?  Are you aware of your blood’s circulation and its oxygen content?

Water:  Check the flow of your emotions and impressions.  Do you feel emotions flow easily through you giving you a rich human experience, but do not get blocked in your body or mind to create whirlpools of neurosis?

Earth:  Check in with your relationship to the Earth.  Do you feel rooted and grounded?  Have your hands helped in the garden?  Have your toes felt the grass or the sand?  Have you savored the sensations of nature in your face and cold in your bones?

If all five of the elements are balanced in your own human organism, nothing can penetrate you to the point of brainwashing you.  And you will no longer feel the need to use brainwashing as an excused to claim you are a victim.

The mind is your responsibility, and you have all the power in the universe to use your mind to become balanced, empowered, and liberated.  Be careful not to waste energy on emotionally-driven complaints of being brainwashed.  Instead, feel empowered to relate to your mind through your awareness.

Geometry of the Soul series two. Background design of human profile and abstract elements on the subject of spirituality, science, creativity and the mind

Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Four

So often the mind is referred to as a “monkey.”  So often, one begins a spiritual practice or a meditation practice and is advised to learn to control that monkey mind.

Let’s not be so hard on the mind.

The mind is there to serve us.  The mind is designed to nurture us.

The mind is a companion that truly desires guidance from the soul.

The mind yearns to meditate.

The mind is our precious gift from our Creator.  The mind has been abuse, neglected and polluted.

The mind can heal.

Relate to the mind with innocence, with gentle love, with compassion.

Relate to the mind with gratitude.  Thank you, Mind, thank you!

Mind Geometry series. Creative arrangement of Human profile math and design elements as a concept metaphor on subject of reason science technology and education
Mind Geometry series. Creative arrangement of Human profile math and design elements as a concept metaphor on subject of reason science technology and education

Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Three

The mind produces one thousand thoughts per blink of the eye.  Suppose every one of those were thoughts of devotion, thoughts of prayer, thoughts of discipline, thoughts of song, thoughts of beauty, thoughts of excellence, thoughts of service, thoughts of Beloveds, thoughts of compassion, thoughts of infinity, thoughts of sweet longing, thoughts of grace–wouldn’t that be something?


Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day Two

While collecting trash, make the mind beautiful.  While cleaning toilets, make the mind beautiful.  While serving others, while healing others, while cleaning up every mess made by mankind, make the mind beautiful.

How does a mind become beautiful?

Chant.  Repeat the Naam.

There are infinite opportunities to make the mind beautiful.  Do not miss a single opportunity to make the mind beautiful.

Every breath (inhale: sat) is an opportunity to make your mind beautiful (exhale: naam).

Make your mind shine.  Chisel your mind into diamond.

What changes a piece of coal to diamond?  Pressure.

What will change your mind to diamond?  Pressure.

Mind the pressure.  Pressure is press and sure.  You can be pressed.  You can be sure. 

You don’t mind your own business.

Mind your own mind.


Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind

Day One

You ever wonder what goes on inside God’s mind?  Perhaps you wish you could read God’s mind?

Does God sit, breathe, and mentally vibrate, God and me, me and God, are One?

Well, who cares?  I just wanted to write that opening to get you reading this blog post.  Did it work?  Are you with me?  Great.  Let’s cozy up.  Please, read on.

Our minds have facets, like gemstones have facets.  Light and shadow play off these facets in the form of a variety of projections.  What a gift!  Good thing the exploration, cultivation, and relating to the mind can become a never-ending adventure.

Lately, I have been practicing a meditation called “Karani Kriya” from Yogi Bhajan’s book The Mind: It’s Projections and Multiple Facets.

This meditation cultivates the facet of the human mind that projects receptivity, enthusiasm, and appreciation.  According to the meditation instruction, “This kriya will help the aspirant find the source of creativity that is in the heart.  It solves the problem of finding how to make a lucrative livelihood and satisfy the soul at the same time.”

Great!  This is perfect.  Too often too many souls experience the ways that pressure of making a living can seem to starve the soul.  I know I have had this experience.

I have worked as a teacher of English as a Second Language for some years now.  I have felt “burned out” from teaching because it seemed to me that I was putting in so much energy and enthusiasm while students didn’t seem to care one bit.  Or, they would not complete assignments.  Most frustrating to me was when those whom I regarded as the “best” students would end up cheating on the exams.

I quit teaching ESL for a while, sure that such an occupation was not feeding my soul.  I supposed I would have been more satisfied teaching poetry or literature or creative writing.  I fell into a depression regarding myself as a failure.  I felt small and meaningless.  I felt like a superfluous person, a cog, a pawn, a squirming creature in a sea of struggles.

What’s more, my husband is an attorney who works long hours suing institutions that commit fraud.  As it turns out, one of the schools that I had worked for in New York City was run by the Career Education Corporation, a for-profit institution that practiced illegal recruiting methods to get students to sign up for its programs and receive loans from the government that would eventually leave these students in severe debt with no opportunities for employment after graduating with a degree that meant little or nothing in the working world.  The thought that I had been employed by such an institution sent my stomach turning in disgust.

After taking time off to birth and raise babies, financial necessity urges me to return to teaching ESL as a substitute teacher.

Now, being a substitute certainly lacks glamour and prestige.  I show up to fill in for the usual teacher, and I return home at the end of the day knowing I will never see those students again.  It all feels quite empty and grey.  Thank goodness there’s yoga.  My practice gives me the determination to meditate and grow to live consciously conscious, grow reverent and soulful with the circumstances I live with now.

Also, I refuse to work for any for-profit institution that promises a useless degree.  I work at a tiny school where students come from all over the world to learn English.  That is all that is promised; that is all they receive.  The cost is fair, and the product is authentic.  And I intend to grow to embrace my livelihood with reverence.  This is my mind’s current adventure.  At this point, I still feel a little resistant, still wishing I had been able to pursue a more prestigious path, a more glamorous, celebrated career, a sexier occupation, a more leadership-type job.

But I am willing to open up to the possibility of engaging my Diamond Mind, Creator’s Mind working with what I’ve got.

Our minds are sacred texts.  If I could read yours, I would.  I would sit in a sacred space and read your mind aloud for hours on end.  I would read your mind and quote from it, its poetry, its song, its scripture.  I’d read your mind, and invite the world listen and celebrate your mind’s deep beauty, its complicated mix of light, shadow, facets, aspects, projections, and functions. I’d read your mind with complete faith that by reading, feeling, and sharing what goes on deep within your mind, a great, eternal blessing is conferred upon the One Mind that moves the whole Universe.